You should control your finances, not the other way around.

We want to help you gain a better understanding of your finances and make smarter financial decisions every day. We’ve been hard at work developing Financial Literacy resources for your use and look forward to releasing them soon, but for now, we encourage you to take advantage of the tools provided.

Finance Fridays
Thanks to #BSSBFinanceFridays you can gain a greater understanding of your finances with ease! On the first Friday of each month, we’ll post a new video explaining a financial function or tool. Have a topic you’d like to see explained? Email it to Lauren Piehl, our Financial Literacy Coordinator, at, or Ariana Dello Stritto, Marketing Coordinator and Financial Literacy Assistant, at

Learn more about:

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  • Online and Mobile Banking –


  • Interest Rates (Part 1) –


  • Interest Rates (Part 2) –


  • Mortgages –


  • Dormant Accounts –


  • Certificates of Deposit –


  • Rebooting Your Finances –


  • Credit Scores –


  • Online and Mobile Banking Tutorial –


  • Refinancing –


  • Digital Wallets –


  • Card Valet –


  • Savings Accounts –


  • Retirement Planning –


  • Checking Accounts –


  • Who’s Who When Homebuying? –


  • Accounts For The Little Ones? –


  • Rebooting Your Finances-



Our mascot, Benjie, has come to the rescue! Keep your child busy by having them complete Benjie’s Quest for Color, a coloring activity that relies on their math skills to complete!

Benjie’s Quest for Color – Grades K-2
Benjie Coloring Sheet + Benjie’s Quest for Color – Grades K – 2

Benjie’s Quest for Color – Grades 3 – 5
Benjie Coloring Sheet + Benjie’s Quest for Color – Grades 3 – 5

Virtual Reading
Check back soon to learn when our next virtual reading event will be!