Paying with your mobile device is not only fast, but secure too.

To experience the speed and security for yourself, add your Bay State Savings Bank Debit Mastercard to your digital wallet and pay with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay today!

  • Pay with a single tap!
    Save time at the checkout line; simply tap your mobile device at the register to pay with your preferred Bay State Savings Bank Mastercard.
  • Pay almost anywhere!
    Use your digital wallet when shopping online, in-store and in-apps!
  • Pay with confidence!
    Your digital wallet has the same security features as your other BSSB cards, and card details are never stored on your device or shared when you pay!

Ready to take advantage of the convenience your digital wallet can provide? Select your mobile device below and add your Bay State Savings Bank Mastercard to begin paying with a tap.

apple pay samsung pay google pay
With Mastercard and Apple, paying has never been faster, or more secure.

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Get all the benefits your BSSB Mastercard provides- right from your Samsung device.

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With Google Pay, using your BSSB Mastercard has never been easier.

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Get your debit card on the spot.

With Instant Issue, we make it possible so that you can receive your debit card on the spot. Simply visit one of our branches. Our staff will be able to print any of the following cards onsite:

  • Consumer Debit Card
  • Business Debit Card

Questions? Just call or contact us online!

A New Level of Security at Your Fingertips

Our new EMV Debit MasterCards® generate a unique code that is validated by Bay State Savings Bank for each transaction, and the code cannot be re-used. A fraudster couldn’t make a transaction using a fake card with stolen data at an EMV terminal because it wouldn’t be able to generate the proper code.

If a store or restaurant has its payment information hacked, that information cannot be used to make additional purchases or create new debit cards. With EMV chip cards, each transaction is approved using a unique authentication code, and that code can’t be used again. Further, the microprocessor chips are virtually impossible to duplicate.

How do I use my new EMV Debit MasterCard®?

  • You have a chip, so now, you can dip! That is, you now have the ability to use the chip, but you might find yourself swiping for a few more months (or longer) while retailers upgrade payment terminals. Chip cards will contain chips and magnetic stripes to allow them to be read either way.
  • Instead of swiping your card through a device that reads the magnetic stripe, you’ll be able to insert (or “dip”) the card into chip-enabled readers. You’ll know it’s available if card readers show a message like “your card must be inserted.”
  • To make a purchase in-person, insert the card chip-first with the chip facing up. Follow the onscreen prompts to complete your transaction, and then remove the card. The process is slower than the quick swipes you’ve grown accustomed to because the chip and terminal exchange information.
  • Phone and internet purchases will work the same way they did with your old card: provide your card number, security code, and any other details required.
  • If the merchant doesn’t allow you to enter your PIN, you will not be able to request cash back.

Lost or Stolen Card?
If your EMV Debit MasterCard® has been lost or stolen please call (833) 337-6075. By calling this number, you will be able to cancel the missing card and order a replacement.

For more information on EMV Chip Technology, please visit our FAQ page.

Interested in EMV Debit MasterCard® Services?

Speak with any of our branch representatives and they will be more than happy to assist you.

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What is Card Valet?

Card Valet allows users to customize and protect their debit card via our mobile app, BSSB Mobile. On 4/27/2020, Card Services was upgraded to Card Valet.

It can be accessed by signing into BSSB Mobile and clicking the “hamburger” menu icon in the app’s right hand corner. The feature will be the fifth menu item down entitled “Cards.”

As a user of Card Services, will I need to re-enter my security preferences in Card Valet?

Yes, users of Card Services must manually re-enter their security preferences after 4/27/2020. Previous customizations set in the feature’s predecessor, Card Services, will not carry over into Card Valet.

Why Use Card Valet?

  • Protect Yourself Against Fraud:
    • Card Valet allows BSSB Mobile users to control and monitor debit card usage anywhere, anytime, using your mobile phone. Users can protect their card from fraud by setting alerts and controls to determine how their card can be used.
  • Manage Your Spending:
    • With customizable controls, alerts for spending limits, and easy-to-find account balances, you can set a budget and stick to it.
  • Notifications:
    • Customers can choose to receive alerts via push notification or email.
  • Customize Your Own Transaction Alerts:
    • All card activity
    • Spend limits
    • Card status changes
    • Merchant category purchases
    • Transaction type purchases
    • Denied transactions
    • Location and device use
  • It comes with three new features, previously not offered by Card Services.
    • Report a lost or stolen card
    • Set a limit on a transaction of any amount
    • Help Page / FAQ

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