Bay State Savings Bank Purchases Horse for Friends of the Mounted Police Unit – Worcester; Invites Public to Participate in Naming Contest

March 23, 2020

Bay State Savings Bank has recently announced their purchase of a 1,300 pound Draft Cross horse named Hank, whom they have gifted to the Friends of the Mounted Police Unit – Worcester. Hank is originally from Northfield, MA, is seven years old, and will be the newest horse on the Unit.

Internally the horse will still go by Hank, however, externally, both Bay State Savings Bank and the Friends of the Mounted Police Unit – Worcester would like the public to help officially welcome Hank to the city by giving him a new name.  More information regarding the horse, as well as how to participate in the Naming Contest can be found on the Banks’ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages.