Bay State Savings Bank Donates $1,200 to Mustard Seed

March 11, 2020

Bay State Savings Bank donated over $1,200 to Worcester soup kitchen Mustard Seed Catholic Worker. The organization, which offers food and shelter to local homeless, will use the Bank’s donation to replace ceiling tiles in its rooms used for meetings, food, and clothing storage.

Bay State Savings Bank staff raised money by allowing employees who donated to the Mustard Seed to participate in a dress down day.

“We are so grateful for the ongoing support,” said Annie Doyle, member of the Mustard Seed Board of Directors. “A new ceiling will surely refresh and brighten up the basement. Additional food for the Food Pantry will help to feed dozens of families and individuals in need.”

The funds raised were also in support of a capital campaign by the Family Health Center of Worcester, an organization which currently runs a clinic at the Mustard Seed for homeless in need of medical care.

“It all makes a difference,” said Mike Boover, co-founder of the Mustard Seed’s Piedmont Street location in Worcester. “How happy we are to have the good folks at Bay State befriend us. With their help…new initiatives have been undertaken by the Catholic Worker Community to better serve the many guests who come to us for refuge.”